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Plevin Unfair Commission Claims

Our fixed fee Plevin Unfair Commission claims services

Following the Supreme Court ruling in 2014, many consumers could now be able to pursue compensation in relation to the unfair commission that was sold to them with their Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policy.  If you are considering beginning such a claim, or want a no obligation chat with us about doing so and to discuss your options, our team of experts are at hand to assist you.

Here at Audley Clarke, we have a specialist team of solicitors who, together, have years of litigation expertise. They will be able to assess your own individual claim and provide honest advice on the best route for you to pursue your unfair commission claim by.

What is the new Plevin court ruling?

The Plevin court ruling has confirmed that the commissions that many financial institutions were remunerated by for the sale of PPI policies to consumers could be unfair and if so, an affected consumer could be eligible for compensation.

Whilst the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published guidance in 2017 to financial institutions about how to refund affected consumers, this guidance only requires the refund of any commission element charged over a 50% threshold. In other words, the first 50% of a commission unfairly taken from consumers is not to be refunded.

Instead, Audley Clarke Solicitors always pursue our clients unfair commission claims through the courts rather than under the FCA guidance. This is because we strongly believe this approach better serves our clients’ interests as we will pursue the full commission taken from them together with interest, not just the amount above the 50% FCA threshold. By way of illustration of our model, under the original Plevin claim, the level of commission charged to Mrs Plevin  was 71%. The FCA recommended redress would see just 21% of this commission being refunded to Mrs Plevin whereas the Court awarded the full amount should be refunded which is what we always pursue for our clients.

When can you claim for Plevin unfair commissions?

If you have purchased PPI but have not received compensation for the mis-selling of your policy, you may be eligible to pursue a Plevin unfair commission claim. Also, if your lender has made a partial refund of the unfair commission element of your PPI policy to you in accordance with the FCA guidance, then you may be eligible to claim the outstanding balance too. Our team can help and please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to begin your unfair commission claim

First get in contact with our team by phone, email or by using the contact form on our website. We will then send you a claims pack and once we receive this back from you completed, we will begin investigations into your claim directly with your lender. Once we have sufficient evidence to confirm your eligibility to claim damages, we will formally submit your claim to your lender. If they refuse to pay you the full amount of compensation that you are entitled to, we will then look to pursue your lender through the courts to ensure they are held to account.

Why use Audley Clarke for your unfair commission claim?

  • See if we’re suitable for your claim with our free enquiry service.
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  • Our team of experts are honest and friendly professionals.
Here at Audley Clarke, we have a specialist team of solicitors who, together, have years of experience in dealing with claims.
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